Brain crack and the Manifesto Club

There's a concept, popularized by the internet famous Ze Frank, called Brain crack.  Video explanation below.  (I heard about it from the vlogbrothers.)

I get a lot of brain crack, and I'm not very good at getting them out of my head.  For me, the biggest problem with brain crack is, whenever I try something I think might be cool -- even if I've got low expectations -- I'm afraid, not that it will fail, but that people will hold the failure against me when I try new things.

It's easy to feel like a failure, when a lot of the things you try fail.  But I don't think that's really the right way to look at it.  Trying things is all about risking failure, and whenever a project doesn't come together, if you made an earnest effort, you come away having learned more about what makes a project work, and what makes it fail.

I'm bringing this up now because I had an idea earlier, that's got a lot of brain crack potential, but, if successfully executed, would also be a great way to resolve some of that brain crack.

The idea is a Manifesto Club, and the idea would be to write manifestos, about pretty much whatever you like, and publish them so your ideas get up in public.  I've got a few manifestos kicking around that could go up, and I certainly have the sort of ideas that make good manifestos.

The point wouldn't be to spark revolutionary change, although it would be a nice perk.  The point would be to take the ideas that you really want to stand up for, and make a declaration about standing up for them, in a context where it's okay to be wrong.  That way, the ideas can get discussed, but without treating the success or failure of the ideas as though they represent the success or failure of the person putting them forward.

I'm attempting to figure out how to set up a page off of this domain to start the club, just to get it out of my head.  And if it doesn't end up working out, that's fine.  I'll live.  I'll have another idea soon.

Talk to you tomorrow.

EDIT:  It exists!  The manifesto club is now accessible at where you can sign up and write your own manifesto.