4 days in

So, I'm four days into editing the first draft of my novel, which, given the volume of cuts so far and the relatively meager starting word count, might end up creating the second draft of my novella.  It's going at a decent rate -- so far, I've managed the ten pages of edits a night, though I've only typed 5 pages of those edits into the new draft document.  Like, total. That scares me a little -- I'm 25 pages behind on typing, and it's going to be 35 at some point tonight.  (At best, I see it becoming 30 by the time I go to bed.)

On the bright side, this seems like a relatively light workload, and I might be able to get in a 3rd draft by my deadline on March 12th.

I don't have much else to talk about.  Spent a lot of time today playing Minecraft, and now I'm going to go watch a movie.

Talk to you tomorrow.