Oh no remake

I learned today via JT Eberhard at WWJTD that Hollywood is planning a remake of The Princess Bride.  (Here's his source.) JT, understandably, thinks this is a terrible idea.  And, to be fair, it'll probably be as disappointing as he imagines it will.

But I think it's jumping to conclusions to say it'll definitely suck.  Of course, there is definitely going to be a faction of people who hate it because how-dare-you-touch-our-childhoods.  And I'm sure there will be some number of people who care little enough about the original to judge the new movie on its own merits, and because the material they're working with is very good, they'll probably feel it deserves at least an "eh."

But I think the middle ground is genuinely up for grabs.

If the new movie sucks, anyone who liked the old one is going to hate it that much more, and if the new movie is good, but is just a shadow of the old movie, anyone who liked the old one is going to hate it because, well, you could just have watched the old one.

But the Princess Bride was based on a book, and I think that's the key piece of information here.

Because the original movie was already a remake, and there's no such thing as the one-true-remake.  Remaking a book is already hard; remaking the same book, well, twice, would be incredibly difficult.

But if they do try to remake the book, and not just remake the movie, I think there's a shot that it could be decent.

That said, JT is right; it'll probably suck.