School started today

The new semester started today, and it's been sort of a middling-to-not-great day.  I mean, class wasn't bad.  The class is called Philosophy through Film, and we started watching the Matrix.  But the book wasn't in stock at the library yet, and I'm sort of permanently exhausted for the time being, because I'm in the process of rapidly shifting from nocturnal to whatever-the-word-for-awake-during-the-day-is. I'm still sort of unpacking the pile of new routine and information that this inserts into my life, so I don't have much to blog about today.  On the bright side, I'll soon have a whole bunch of philosophy-and-film related blogging to do.  (Sneak preview:  Look forward to notes on the Matrix as a metaphor for the Patriarchy!)

Talk to you tomorrow.