Quantum stuff

So, I don't get quantum physics. I mean, I'm cool with that.  I don't think I'm supposed to.  As I understand it, quantum physicists don't get quantum physics.

But the thing about an electron being both a particle and a wave throws me off.

There was a video of Richard Feynman, wherein he explained that it's not that it's a particle or a wave or both, but that we can't comprehend what it is, and both the 'particle' and 'wave' models are useful metaphors for grasping their behaviors in certain contexts.   Unfortunately, I couldn't find that video.

This interpretation is appealing to me, because I like the idea that it's actually quite simple, there's nothing particularly weird or metaphysical going on, that the fundamental constituents of matter aren't behaving in ways that contradict comprehension, just ways that defy it.

But I'm nervous to accept that explanation, I think for the same reasons I hesitate to accept any explanation of quantum physics:  If I can understand it, I doubt it can be right.

Do any quantum physicists read my blog?  Can you help?