I have only seen one cool thing today

That does not reveal details of my personal life which one or more people I'm close to would be uncomfortable with. That thing is Gotye's song, "Somebody That I Used To Know."

This is one of those songs that, to me, manages to tug strings I'd forgotten were there, and remind me of a huge spectrum of stories from my past -- some related, some not.  It's been echoing in my head all day, which is good because it's a good song, but not so great because it's a little bit haunting.

Sometimes I have days like this, where it seems like everything that's happened is a little too personal, all the stories springing to mind a little too close to the bone.  I realize that probably makes my blog a little bland sometimes, but it's hard to dig down to those sorts of roots without a good reason -- it's often painful, and sometimes it can alienate people I am or once was close to.

Maybe I'll have something cheerier tomorrow.  'Night.