I have the technology!

I got a new computer.  My friend, who also helps me manage my hosting for this blog, built me an extremely good one.  Now, there are genuine reasons why I wanted a computer this good.  I plan on doing video editing in the near future, which is demanding enough on a computer that my previous one couldn't even handle thinking about it. That said, my frame of reference for the quality of a computer is terrible.

When I was trying to explain to the aforementioned friend how much better this computer is than my previous one, I had to resort to saying, "I can play Minecraft on the maximum settings without lagging!", which, in this context, is a bit like a four year old describing adulthood as being able to eat a whole bowl of ice cream without throwing up or getting in trouble or anything.

I'm still getting used to having a computer that's capable of more -- way more -- than just getting online, but I like it.  And I'll keep you all updated on the vlogging.