An update on my novel

I am nearing the final stretch of my novel, having just started the eighth chapter out of an intended 10.  This is a cool part, because (allowing for the 10th chapter to wrap things up) in the next few nights I'm going to be figuring out pretty much what the climax of the book is going to be. I like this part, because it's fun to see how tens of thousands of words of plot can all come together into what feels like a coherent end.  It's my feeling that if you get the beginning and middle of a story right, the end will present itself when the time comes.  (I did once try to write a novel where I had the ending in mind, but the novel had a differing opinion and the conflict resulted in a terrible book.)

After I finish this draft, I will, of course, be doing a sort of a sprint-draft for consistency and to annihilate some of the more horrible prose, but then what I'll probably do is take the rest of the semester to focus on blogging and school, and do another pass of edits on my first novel this summer.  Then, hopefully, I'll have two novels to shop around when I get started on a third.  (Or fourth, if you count the second novel I wrote, which will never, ever see the light of day.)