6 ways to fill up a blog post

  1. Blog about how you can't think of something to blog about.  This is my favorite standby, but I prefer not to resort to it too often.  I generally only end up using it if I've got about an hour left before midnight and I haven't been able to come up with a topic.
  2. Blog about your lack of physical wellbeing.  This is another good one for me, because generally the reason I can't come up with a blog topic is because I'm distracted, ill, or exhausted.  These things frequently overlap.
  3. Link a YouTube video.  This is a fun one, because there are a lot of good videos out there, but I prefer to be thinking at least clearly enough to write some coherent commentary on it.
  4. Write a rant.  This is a good one for mid-level inspiration, when I'm clearheaded enough to write a post, but not enough to come up with a new topic.  Instead, sometimes it's easier just to point out all the things I think are wrong with something -- usually the flaws in someone's worldview.
  5. Write a numbered list.  I'm not actually sure how well this works, but I think I'll try it out at least once.
  6. Ramble incoherently in a stream of consciousness.  Tiny clockwork soldiers march inexorably towards the violently illuminated horizon of my consciousness while the meadows of infinity erupt with tiny purple flowers.