My sleep schedule melted

In the day and a half following New Years, for reasons I don't intend to publish, I ended up going to bed around 10am on Monday.  It's Tuesday now, so I'm not utterly doomed.  I hope to be able to pull it back to normal within the next couple days. The thing is, I don't really know how to do that.

Generally, when I need to fix my sleep schedule, I just stay up all night the night before something important, like the first day of school, then show up anyway.  Sure, I pass out as soon as I get home, but it's fine because in a couple days I'm back to normal and I don't really have to try.

But there's nothing  I can do, this time, to serve that function.  I don't have a regular schedule looming in my future, I just want to be able to be awake at noon -- and if I've learned anything from the last two sleep-periods, it's that trying to stay up past ten or eleven am right now is painful, difficult, and ultimately futile.

I'm going to try to put it back together as hastily as possible -- I haven't taken any caffeine today, so hopefully I'll be able to just pass out again in a few hours, after I get today's writing done.

Alas, it seems this week will be less productive than I hoped.