An assortment of things

AUGH it's eleven thirty and I DON"T HAVE ANYTHING TO WRITE ABOUT. The horror.

So, here's a quick round up of things that reflect realities I have encountered in the last few days.

I played Omaha for the first time.  Omaha is a form of poker, that's quite a lot like Texas Hold'em, but with more rules.  I enjoyed it -- for the first time in a while, there was more going on on the table than I could totally keep up with, which made me feel slightly better about losing all my money.  (I actually did pretty well, though, for that part of the game.  It wasn't until later that I lost all my money.)

I was in Walmart recently, browsing the food section, when I discovered "Refresco's Country Club® Merengue soda," which is, apparently, merengue soda.  I don't know what merengue is, (and haven't yet bothered to look it up,) but it's delicious.

I still agree with Rebecca Watson, and, by the way, PZ Myers posted a round-up of a bunch of the articles about it.  (Quick recap, if you don't like clicking links:  A 15 year old girl posted a picture of herself with a copy of a Carl Sagan book on the /r/atheism subreddit on reddit.  What followed was a massive outpouring of sexualizing comments, dominated by rape themes.  Rebecca Watson pointed out that this was not cool, and that, as it turns out, is controversial.)

Questionable Content and Gunnerkrigg Court remain excellent webcomics.

I like jellybeans.

That is all.