Happy Doctor Who Christmas Special Day

In the classic tradition of major religions appropriating the celebration conventions of the dominant religion of their time, Doctor Who has selected December 25th as the date of its annual special episode, when the Doctor returns in the middle of the off-season to remind us all that brighter days, both figuratively and literally, are ahead. In honor of this celebrated day, many businesses and organizations conveniently close down, to ensure that everyone can be at their TV by the time the episode airs.  The United States government even recognizes it as an official government holiday!  (And they say that the US isn't a Whovian nation.  I mean, most of the founding fathers were Whovians.  Probably.)

I think it's important, amid the celebrations, to not forget about the core values of knowledge and science triumphing over superstition, and the fragility of Earth's place in the universe -- and how vitally important it is to protect it.

Merry Christmas Special, everybody.