I'm up for adoption

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has put forward a challenge.  He is encouraging Christians to go into atheist communities and attempt to... er, persuade them that they were Christian all along. To me, this sounds like a lot of fun.  I would love to volunteer myself for adoption -- if there are any Christians out there (and I will do my best to get this post into the hands of potential missionaries) who are looking for an atheist to adopt, I'm happy to offer my blog as a public forum within which to open up a dialogue.  I promise that all communications that are part of the attempted conversion will be published accurately here on my blog, and responded to in public.

My only request is that if my adoptive Catholic decides to discontinue the dialogue, they make some formal statement of the fact to be printed, just to avoid loose ends.  It doesn't need to be an admission of failure, either -- I'm okay with anything from "You've converted me to atheism/agnosticism/Buddhism/radical-Whovianism" to "I'm getting too busy for this right now" to "I respect your position and have decided to put our theological differences aside" to "You clearly aren't listening to me and I give up out of frustration"*, or even no reason at all, just "I've decided to stop."

I want to do this for three reasons.  One, I look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate that I as an atheist (and atheists in general) have thought through my theological views and arrived at my position after serious consideration of the alternatives.  Two, I like talking about religion, but I don't really enjoy bringing it up for no reason, and an attempted persuasion would make a good source of explicit prompts for specific blogging.  And Three, if I'm being totally honest, I think it'll make my blog more interesting for a while, and I'd rather blog a bit less about how I've got nothing to blog about, and a bit more about things that matter to, you know, anyone.

I really do hope someone takes me up on this.  I think I'll enjoy it.

*If it's this one, I will seriously suspect you of intellectual dishonesty.