The realm of media conspires mildly against me

Welp, the QC story arc ended after yesterday.  I mean, I'm glad it happened, those were really cool ideas he was exploring, and I do understand that most of the fans probably weren't geeking out quite as much as I was.  Still, I was hoping it was going to go on at least a few more strips. On an unrelated note, having been uninterested in finding the remote, I watched about ten minutes of American Idol earlier.   I surprised myself with the degree to which I actually found it distasteful.  I mean, I'm aware of the fashionable hate of reality TV, but I didn't think I actually disliked American Idol, rather than just having no particular interest in watching it.

Still, though, I think that's an area that falls pretty firmly into the realm of opinion, and I retain respect for people who do like the show and/or choose to participate.