Augh, I hate the government

Specifically, the justice system.  I hate how hopelessly convoluted is.  I hate how it's practically designed to cause anxiety in people who aren't intimately familiar with its bureaucracy.  I hate how they don't tell you if your motions pass unless they do.  I specifically, particularly hate how they don't tell you if they've denied a motion for continuance, and I REALLY FREAKING HATE how they can't just give you a goddamn phone call, because they MAKE YOU PUT YOUR PHONE NUMBER ON THE GODDAMN FORM. I hate how they close at like fucking 4:00.  I hate how they don't have an answering service.

I HATE that fines are static across income levels, so the law is automatically, organically scaled in severity by income -- the poorer you are, the more any given crime hurts.  I'm not saying I want the fines lowered, but for someone with zero income, 200 dollars is a fuckload.  If you're a fucking millionaire, they should charge a proportional fuckload for the same crime.  We might not have a budget problem, then.  (Or, if they're really committed to not hurting rich peoples' wallets, cut the cost down to a proportional basically-zero for the poor.  But I'd prefer they just charge the bastards proportionally.)

For anyone who doesn't get what that means, by the way, it's quite simple:

Anything that affects everyone equally, like fines for things like traffic violations, should be scaled by income.  Because if it's not, if it's the same fine for everyone who does a thing no matter how much that person makes, it means it's a more severe punishment for poorer people.  That is a fact.  It is not debatable, it is not rhetorical whining.  It is an undeniable fact.  I'm not saying the government does it on purpose.  I'm not saying they're trying to keep the poor down.  But what the government means to do doesn't take any of the edge off what the government is actually doing.  Everyone in Washington could be a pie-eyed idealist, but if they don't get the systems right, it still hurts the poor, and it still maintains a legal system which, deliberately or not, is designed to keep the poor poor and let the rich off with a slap on the wrist.

I have a court date tomorrow morning.


I don't know.  I filed for a continuance, and they haven't fucking told me if I got it yet.

Last I heard, they hadn't fucking decided.  I don't get to find out until they open, tomorrow morning, at 8.

An hour before my hearing.

If I have one.