Some stuff I'm thankful for

The only opportunity I had to say I was thankful about anything this Thanksgiving was in a toast with a hard lemonade, in which I said (truthfully) that I'm thankful for Jonas Salk, one of the heroes of medical history, and the Polio vaccine.  (I'm thankful, btw, that I don't have polio.) I am also thankful for:


The internet, in general

To live in a country which:

  • Has running water
  • Ready access to food
  • At least pays sufficient lip service to human rights that it's difficult to suppress things like the Occupy movement
The ancient-prehistorical explosion of stars that flung into space all the matter that makes up everything on earth
The work of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
The continually surprising and thrilling realization that, in general, things really do seem to work better when people are nice to each other.