What I want for Christmas

I'll talk about my views on Christmas later, at some point after Thanksgiving.  I'd prefer to ignore it until then, but right now it's convenient for my rhetorical point. I don't have any money.  After Borders went out of business (can't fire me for talking about it now! Hahaha (I actually quite liked Borders, and bear nearly no ill will about their non-blogging policy.).) I haven't been able to find a new job.  It hasn't helped that I'm trying to not go back to retail.

One of the funny things about not having money is you start to notice more and more situations where you wish you could donate to charity.  Or, at least, I do.  It makes me feel a bit helpless, seeing  causes I care about struggling and being unable to lend my financial support.

Wikipedia always needs donations.  Equality Maine is running a campaign for the next ballot to overturn the veto to the legalization of gay marriage.  And apart from that, I'd love to send some money to Doctors Without Borders, the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, or just set up a donation account with the Foundation Beyond Belief.  Unfortunately, being broke, I can't.

So if any of my readers, pretty much all of whom to my knowledge know me in real life, were planning to get me anything for Christmas, I wouldn't mind if you just took the money you'd have spent and donated it to one of those causes, instead.  It would mean a lot to me.

Talk to you tomorrow.