I ordered business cards today

There was a deal on the internet, so I ordered 500 new business cards today.  I normally have business cards, but I've been without them for almost six months now, because I ran out of cards, money, and a certain degree of giving a crap about having business cards. Nonetheless, in the intervening months, there have been a handful of situations where having the cards would have come in handy, and I'm glad to have new ones on the way.  They've got my pen name on them, as well as this website, this website's email, my twitter (@txwatson) and my comic (www.bathetic.net).  I figure if I'm giving them to someone for personal reasons, it's not like I ever don't have a pen. I can just write my name and/or phone number on the card.

Apart from that, I had a good day, but nothing particularly bloggable happened.  (blogable? Bloggable? Blog-worthy?  Bloggish?)  And it's Sunday, so I don't mind taking it easy on content.  Talk to you tomorrow.