Wired is being cool

(via Boing Boing)

Wired.com just did something really cool -- they released their staff photos under a Creative Commons licence, so now with proper credit, anyone can use their staff photos for nonprofit sources.  (Such as the photo above.)

I love Creative Commons, because I love seeing a clear and comprehensible method offered to artists to make their work exactly as accessible as they want it to be.  I like the idea that if I painted a portrait that became popular, I could release it under a Creative Commons license so the painting or variations of it could be used as part of the dialogue of the subject of my painting.

I also like knowing that I could do that without endorsing the views anyone attempted to express through my work or derivations of it.  I may not agree with the message someone might try to get across with my work, but I like the idea of forging common narrative touchstones between opposing groups.  Converging around the central dialogue of one or more shared pieces of art, the sides of a debate would have tangible common ground on which to stage their argument, which I think would help humanize the other side in both directions and promote shared understanding  and peace.

So, yeah.  Creative Commons ftw.