On Vegetables

I've been thinking a bit about my diet lately. I'm a weekday vegetarian -- that is, Monday through Friday, I don't eat any meat -- that includes fish, chicken, and bacon, a point which some people struggle with.  And on the weekends my dietary restrictions are entirely lifted.

I'm amazed at the number of people who seem to have a problem with this.  There are absurd numbers of people who seem to have an actual problem with vegetarianism, of any sort, at all.

I'm seriously starting to consider becoming vegan, not because I feel any strong ethical compulsion, but just to piss off all the people in my life who whine if I ever go a weekend without eating a fracking steak.

My experience with weekday vegetarianism over the last year or so has highlighted the absurdity of the cultural trope that vegetarians, especially vegans, try to shove their lifestyle down your throat.

I know a few vegans, and a lot of vegetarians.  I have never -- literally, never -- had a conversation with a vegetarian or vegan in which they were remotely pushy about their diet or moral convictions surrounding them.  It only even comes up in the context of a meal, when they politely turn down food that breaks their dietary rules.

You know who's pushy about it?

Meat eaters.

Obviously, it's not all of them.  Plenty of people I know accepted my decision to eat less meat in stride.  Plenty more were surprised, but when I explained my reasoning they accepted it.

But I've been amazed at the number of people who just won't let it go.  They make a point to make snide comments about vegetarians when they know they're in mixed dietary company.  They pressure me or others to have "Just a little," and in the case of my particular diet, affect a tone of deep concern if I ever go a weekend without stuffing as much meat down my throat as I can.

It was over six months into my diet change before my friends and family stopped trying to actively talk me out of it.  A lot of them still pressure me to agree that this shouldn't be a permanent lifestyle change, just a temporary decision.

I'm seriously tempted to give up meat entirely just so I don't have to be in the same group as these people.