Ugh, I'm so f***ing sick of this argument

Let me explain what censorship is. Censorship is the systematic prevention of an idea from being expressed.

I believe that censorship is idiotic, and pointless.  I believe that any benefit that could be achieved by enacting censorship could be more easily and more cleanly be enacted by creating regular laws that (like all laws) don't have special exemptions when applied to art.  For example:  There's no need to censor art made of the skin of the artists' murder victims, because it's already illegal to kill people to get their skin.

There's something else, though, that isn't censorship.

Deleting comments on your blog, or on Facebook.

There's a different term for that.  It's called editorial discretion.  And it isn't wrong, it's the responsibility of anyone providing a platform.

There do exist venues where free expression is near-universally unfettered.  4Chan is a good example.  And anyone can make their own blog, or Facebook page.  It's even easier now than it was historically, when anyone could theoretically make their own newspaper, but most people didn't have the means.

But even then, in the age of the printing press, it was understood that the editors had a right to decide what was and wasn't printed in their newspaper.  This wasn't just to save cost on ink.  It was because it's understood that a publisher publishes to serve their own message, and to create their own forum and space, and it is not therefore their obligation to provide that forum to any idea that anyone writes in with.

On blogs, or on Facebook comment threads, it's the right of the owner (whoever's Facebook page it is, for example) to decide what's printed.  Because of the format of Facebook, and of some blogs, this may involve deleting posts or comments after they've been published.

This.  Is.  Not.  Censorship.

I am not okay with providing a forum for a number of types of views.  For example, racists or rape apologists will find their comments deleted here, if they start cropping up.  The same phenomenon occurs on my Facebook page.  (btw, I use my legal name on my Facebook, ███████████[1. Since writing this post I've left Facebook, and would prefer to keep my real name off the internet.  I bet it's not incredibly hard to find, but still.], not my pen name, in case you were looking for it.)

Another type of view I will absolutely not support is the view that winning an argument means brow-beating your opponent into a frustrated refusal to continue on.

I think people who do that are scum, and I will not provide them a platform.

To be clear: Anyone who does that is entitled to start their own blog, or post whatever they like about me or anyone else in their own Facebook feed.  (They're likely to find themselves unfriended in that case, but that's just for the same reason I don't watch FOX News or the Jersey Shore -- I've got better things to do with my intellectual energy than pay attention to illogical, emotionally motivated drivel from semi-logical pedants.)  But they do not have a right to my venue.