I am easily horrified

I don't know how many of my reader(s?) are familiar with the Slender Man mythos. Quick primer: it's a sort of online family of horror stories, told in different media in a number of loosely interconnected narratives.  Most of the works acknowledge as canon at least some of the other series.  And they all feature some version of the Slender Man, a tall, thin entity, ambiguously faceless, who kills/abducts/drives insane his victims, targeted on the basis of whether they know he exists. I shouldn't read Slender Man stories.  They always leave me terrified for weeks.  But I definitely shouldn't have been reading them tonight.

It's snowing here, a lot, and we were pretty sure the power was going to go out.  So, about an hour ago, I was in the middle of an article exploring whether the symbol (x), used to ward him off, works, or whether it attracts him, or whether drawing it is part of the compulsions associated with his beginning to warp your mind.

Then the power went out, and the house was plunged into darkness.

The generator is on now, so I'll be fine for power, but I won't sleep easily tonight.