I've had a few conversations about godlike powers with a friend of mine lately, because sometimes, weirdly, the same obscure topic comes up three or four times in unrelated conversations in a short period of time. As a result, I've been using the word "Obliviate" a lot lately.

Let's get a definition for that: (From Wiktionary)


obliviate (third-person singular simple presentobliviatespresent participleobliviatingsimple past and past participleobliviated)

  1. to forget, to wipe from existence

Related terms

The reason it came up was because there were two basic hypothetical scenarios: if I could have godlike powers, what would I do with them, and if I could choose any sort of afterlife, what would I choose.
The first one came up in a discussion about morality -- in which I argued (as I have here) that morality requires arbitrary presuppositions, but is fact-based from that point onward.  In analyzing the various hypotheticals surrounding that claim, my friend asked what moral acts I would take if I achieved omniscience.
The second one came up because my friend asked, if we could choose, what character in what painting we would choose to spend our afterlife in.  Someone chose God from the Sistine Chapel, which I found a surprising pick. I thought eternity as a god or godlike being would be incredibly boring.
In both scenarios, the course of action I chose was:  "I would obliviate."  That is, cease to exist.  Forget my being.  Wipe myself out of reality.