On Writer's Block

Hey, I just realized I can totally blog about why I think writer's block is a load of crap!  Or artist's block in general. Reason number one:  It doesn't actually happen.  The inability to write on one particular subject virtually never entails the inability to write anything, at all.  I've had weeks where I've made almost no progress on whatever writing project I was at the moment engaged in, but meanwhile written hundreds of words of Facebook status replies, tweets, rambling, incoherent philosophical musings, emails, and so on.  I've never been completely blocked from a capacity to make words go on to paper or screen, and I've neither met nor heard of someone who has, barring cases of extreme depression.  And that's not writer's block, that's, you know, depression.

What's actually happening when an artist has 'writer's block' is they've hit a block in the story itself.  Their characters are ill-defined, or their conflict is underdeveloped, or they don't know what they want to say.

These aren't problems with the capacity to write.  These are problems with the project.  When you get writer's block, or what feels like writer's block, you shouldn't think, "What's wrong with me?"  You should think, "What's wrong with my project?"