I want to be a lecture groupie

Apprehensive doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about tomorrow morning, and not just because that adjective describes the wrong emotional state -- it also describes the wrong amount of gravity. One of my favorite bloggers is coming to Boston -- is in Boston, actually -- this weekend, and will be giving a talk at Harvard.

Greta Christina has been a major influence on my writing life in the past couple of years.  She's the reason I got into the atheist movement seriously, she's been a big influence on my writing style (emphasis on the good posts), it was on her recommendation that I spent a week in Maine volunteering for the No on 1 campaign to keep gay marriage legal (It was, unfortunately, repealed anyway) and her example has taught me a lot about intellectual integrity and walking the line between assiduously accurate writing and writing that's engaging enough to be readable.  (Which is a great topic for a future post.)

I always get excited to see my heroes in person, and I'll hopefully be seeing one of them tomorrow.

I'll let you know how it went.