My opinions on toothpaste

I've been through a number of different brands of toothpaste throughout my life.  I've had a troubled relationship with brushing my teeth -- I do it gladly now, but when I was young I viewed it as a chore.  (A number of cavities, a broken tooth and a root canal have changed my mind.) During that time, I've developed some opinions on different brands of toothpaste.

I currently use Rembrandt, because it tastes good, and to be totally honest the cost reinforces the value judgement I place on brushing my teeth -- using expensive toothpaste makes me want to brush my teeth more.  (I'm not above exploiting my shallowness for personal gain.)

Throughout most of my childhood, though, I used Crest. It had a decent flavor, and it was what my parents bought.

The only other toothpaste I have significant experiences with is Thomas's, which was the kind my parents use.  I have had to use it on the rare occasion that I had run out of my own.

That stuff is vile in every possible way.  I recommend strongly against it.  I suspect my parents of self-loathing.

Talk to you tomorrow.