Fracking vultures

I get calls from telemarketers.  That's not exactly the problem.  I don't like telemarketers, but I understand the reality that there's nothing I can do about them, and if I were to try, I'd be wasting political energy on a relatively unimportant cause when I could be supporting the Occupy Everything protests. But I find it particularly annoying that I get calls from robocallers offering me "Important information on my current credit card account."  They inform me that "This is [my] second and final warning."

I don't have a credit card.

I haven't had a credit card for years.

So, obviously, I know to just hang up.  But there are people out there who must get these calls, who do have credit cards.  These people may have credit problems.  These people may be worried about how they're going to pay for rent, or food, or clothes for their children.  They may feel they can't afford to assume that this is just a telemarketer.

And these underhanded, dirty, cruel vultures manipulate the paranoia of people who are backed into a corner, and spam them with psychological warfare and implied threats.

Talk to you tomorrow.