Bad Day

I overslept today.  It's pretty bad when your first daily engagement on a Tuesday is at 12:15 p.m.  I woke up at 12:30, and wasn't really able to get out of bed until 2. I'm really glad my medication is being adjusted.

Sometimes I worry about writing posts like this -- because, well, I want to get famous.  I tell myself that they'll get buried in the hundreds of posts I'm going to write here, which is true, but they'll still be down there for hypothetical uberfans to dig down and read.  (If any future uberfans are reading this far back in the archive of my blog:  Hi!  Thanks for your support!  The first ten of you to email me because of this post can have a signed first edition of my first bestseller.  Offer valid once I have a bestseller.  Please include the phrase "Fish fingers and custard" at the start of the first paragraph of your email.)

Hopefully tomorrow will suck less.  Wish me luck.