My irritating propensity for trivia

I've noticed something about myself. Or, more accurately, I've noticed something about How I Met Your Mother.

Altogether, it's a pretty tight show.  They do a good job of keeping most of the narrative organized, use recurring bit characters to brilliant effect, and have set up jokes years in advance.

This is pretty remarkable for a sitcom, they really do go the extra mile and put in more effort to make a good show than is strictly necessary to get on the air.  (See: The New Adventures of Old Christine.)

Nonetheless, they occasionally slip up a bit on continuity. [Spoilers ahead] The second Robin Sparkles song references events that take place after the song was recorded.  Barney goes to San Francisco to beg Lily to come back to help him stop doing things he hasn't started yet, which in fact he only starts doing after she's already come back.  Future Ted knows the details of what Robin talks about with her therapist -- the Robin who keeps secrets better than anyone else in the cast, with the possible exception of Barney, and may be as emotionally repressed.  And so on.

Like I said, the How I Met Your Mother people put in a lot of hard work to put together an excellent show, and many of the subtle points of continuity are really nailed, in ways they could easily have gotten away with.  No one less nitpicky than me would have noticed if they'd glossed over the details of the yellow umbrella, or the context of Barney's relationship with the girl he left in Lily's future apartment.

So, here's my complaint:

Why the hell do I notice this crap?  Doesn't my brain have better things to worry about?  Why do I ever let tiny little details like this damage my appreciation for what is, after all, one of the best sitcoms currently on TV?

How I Met Your Mother is a fantastic show.  It is truly an example of the heights that can be achieved with the sitcom form. And I'll bet errors like this exist in some of my other favorite sitcoms -- Coupling, The Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld... Given the audience and sow content, it just doesn't make sense to try even this hard, never mind harder, unless you really care about the show for the sake of the show.

Anyway, I may not have enough perspective to pay attention to more important things than the minutiae of sitcom continuity, but at least I've got enough perspective to see how absurd it is that I don't.