Distribution of happiness across time

I've come up with a pointless, time waster of a thought experiment.  I can't imagine why it would possibly have any relevance to any sort of discussion, but I find it amusing to contemplate.  So, here it is. Suppose you had a machine that would distribute the relative level of life-satisfaction and well being across the human race throughout time and space more-or-less evenly.  There would still be some mild variation, in accordance with personality and effort, but activating this machine would essentially make life fair, for all human beings, past, present and future.

I think we can reasonably assume that if we activated the machine and the human race was wiped out tomorrow, it would be an altogether unpleasant experience for us, the activators.  Human history includes many, many generations of nomadic people living in discomfort and pain, without language, dying of common maladies.

But if the human race does continue onwards, into the future, it might be a pretty good deal for us.  If we master social capabilities, colonize space, resolve anxiety-producing societal constructs and so on, the potential future happiness of our species might average out overwhelmingly in our favor.

So, suppose you activate the device.  I can see two likely outcomes.

1.) Life becomes noticeably worse or remains the same.  Feeling cheated from this inconvenient justice, humankind in general loses much of its motivation to push onward into the future, crippling the hypothetical better world that might have produced that higher average.

2.) Life becomes noticeably better.  Suddenly healthier, mentally and physically, humankind is equipped to achieve heights greater than theyd ever done before, making a much brighter future from which to borrow.

I don't know whether this implies anything, but I'm enjoying it and thought I'd share.