Perdido Street Station: an update

So, for the last two months or so, I've been reading one book.  This is because I'm a slow reader.  Not that I read very slowly when reading, but because I tend to peck away at a book in small chunks over long periods of time, rather than devoting large chunks of time to finishing a book in a reasonable number of weeks. This is not dissimilar to my writing style, as followers of my twitter feed will have noticed. Bot the other reason I've been reading this book for so long is that it's Perdido Street Station, China Miéville's monstrously long New Weird novel.  The book started out great, and has continued to get awesomer by the page.  [[Spoilers]]:  So far, it includes dream-eating moths, giant extraplanar superspiders,  revolutionary magicky-science, artificially intelligent roombas and a flying dog.  Yes, he's making it work.

I intend to start writing reviews about what I'm reading on here, partially to shame myself into increasing my rate of fiction consumption.  (Shame is an incredibly useful device.  See: future post.)  But apart from that, I recommend Perdido Street Station to anyone who likes weird, and doesn't want a book that will eat your brain quite as badly as House of Leaves.  (The City and The City is a bit of a trip, though.  It'll change the way you see the world, at least a little.  Like 1984.  See, future post.)