I've started watching Steven Moffat's other current series, Sherlock.  It's a modern interpretation of Sherlock Holmes.  That was probably obvious. The other thing that is probably obvious is that it's brilliant.  I've said before, though I'm not sure I've said it here, that Steven Moffat is the best living screenwriter on TV.  (That is, within my relatively limited range of experience.)

One of the most fun things about watching interpretations of Sherlock Holmes, if you're a fan of the original stories, is watching for all the little, clever nods to the original.  Robert Downey Jr's recent Holmes movie did a great job of fitting in those quirks, with lines here and there.  Moffat's interpretation has a much more direct take, with the first episode, A Study in Pink, which shared a number of direct parallels to Doyle's A Study in Scarlet.

I'm catching up as much as possible on the series tonight, and I'm sure I'll have more gushing about it to do in the near future.  With links and illustrations.  But for now, back to the TV!