My head hurts. I blame the government.

Those of you who follow me on facebook or twitter may have noticed that I've been suffering from headaches this week. Facebook, Saturday:

My head is doing that thing where it hurts, even though I don't want it to. I'm going to try yelling at it with pills.

Twitter, today:

My head hurts, and I don't have any pills. This is a NATIONAL TRAGEDY.

There's something about headaches that seem to make it difficult to think about anything other than how much my head hurts.  I think it might be the pain.  You know, in my  head.  Like, whenever I start to think something, there's PAIN in the way.  So, though I was going to attempt to continue yesterday's (apparently controversial) post about privacy -- addressing the question of transparency among authority figures -- my attention span is, at the moment, far too segmented by hurting.

Anyway, I can't get into anything particularly interesting, because of the pain and all.  So here's a really cool video, instead: