My stupdity truly knows no bounds

I was bored last night.   I don't know why I was bored, because I had a comic to illustrate, and I could easily have worked on a future blog post, an article for the paper, or some homework.  But, nonetheless, I decided to do something stupid, instead. I've started a new novel.

For background purposes:  I've written two novels before, and no you can't see them because both of them suck.  The first one sucks a little bit, and the second one sucks a whole lot. I might get around to polishing up the first one eventually, but it's pretty derivative so I might not.  The second one is going to stay locked in a file on my old mostly-broken laptop forever, a dark symbol of pretentious whining.

I got about 300 words into it last night, and posted a progress report on Twitter.  I think I'll keep doing that.  It seems like a nice way to keep track.  I plan to discovery-write the whole thing, so I've only got a rough idea of the time frame and general character arc.  It's about advertising in the 2030's.

Here's a roundup of my current commitments:

  1. I'm updating this blog every day through the month of September.
  2. I'm tweeting every day (@txwatson) through the month of September, now twice.
  3. I'm updating my comic, Bathetic, three times a week. and, now,
  4. I'm working on a book, every day, until the damn thing is finished.

Add to that school, looking for a job, and finding freelance work, and I don't think I have to worry much about being bored this semester.