Label: Citizen

I'm adding a new label to my sidebar: "Citizen." I was inspired by a TED talk by James J Kunstler, in which he discusses the problems with suburban planning.  At the end, he calls for a cultural shift:

One final thing -- I've been very disturbed about this for years, but I think it's particularly important for this audience. Please, please, stop referring to yourselves as "consumers." OK? Consumers are different than citizens. Consumers do not have obligations, responsibilities and duties to their fellow human beings. And as long as you're using that word consumer in the public discussion, you will be degrading the quality of the discussion we're having. And we're gonna continue being clueless going into this very difficult future that we face. So thank you very much Please go out and do what you can to make this a land full of places that are worth caring about, and a nation that will be worth defending.

Note that I didn't add to my sidebar, "New Hampshire citizen," "United States citizen," or any other such nationalistic delineation.  I'm a citizen of my community, and a citizen of the world, and a citizen of the universe.  I think it's important to affirm: I consider myself a citizen.  I consider myself to have responsibilities within my community, and I consider myself to be accountable for the well-being of the world in which I live.