What are you doing after this?

I work at an undisclosed retail location that's going out of business. Soon. And I've discovered that there's a whole new breed of annoying questions customers ask at clearance sales. For a while, the question I found most annoying was, "So, what are you doing after this?" Alternate formulations include "Do you have another job lined up?" and "Are you lining up interviews for a new job?"

But after a while, this question has started to bother me less. Maybe it's because the customers seem nicer now, closer to the end -- the vultures have mostly passed. Maybe I'm just feeling a bit more charitable.

I think a big part or it is that I have an answer now. Questions like that are always more comfortable when you know how to answer them, and telluride people "I plan on focusing on school this semester" is a lot easier than "Well, I don't know, honestly the prospect of looking for work right now is devastating and I'd appreciate it if you'd just pay and go away rather than remind me how screwed I am."