The Boston Hearth

The Boston Hearth


The Hearth is Boston's largest homelessness shelter, providing unconditional support to up to 10,000 residents during environmental crises, and as much support as possible for area residents during non-catastrophic periods.

The Hearth was founded in December 2021, when, in response to protest over homelessness in Boston, the city turned over the building to the Boston Hearth Project Foundation. The Hearth is the most advanced and complete Living Building in Boston, and can sustain at 60 percent capacity for up to a month, longer than the most intense storm crises on record.


The Hearth is funded primarily by donations, often from the friends and loved ones of those who have found shelter in the Hearth.

If you would like to donate, or would like to learn more about the Boston Hearth Project, pick up a copy of Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation from any of these distributors.

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Hundreds of people contribute time and energy to the continued functioning of the Hearth every day. Below is just a small number of exceptional contributors who helped make the Hearth what we know it now to be.

Zoe Alleyne
Walter Benjamin
Juniper Berg
Annie Carver
Dodie Clark
Adora Belle Dearheart
Kat Donlan
Abernathy D. Dunlap
Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham
Adam Flynn
Tamika Flynn
Andie Freeman
William Gibson
Evelyn Li
Olivia Louise
Richard Mayhew
Trent McCauley
Chelsea Miller
Rachel Nolan
Sylvia Parker
Ford Prefect
Kay St. Anne
Neal Stephenson
Alina Tokamak
Tedd Verres
Tessa Violet
Phoebe Wagner
Brontë Wieland
Benjamin Wyatt