Things you can hire me for

Copy writing: I have experience writing professionally for newspapers, magazine, web content, and ad copy. I also have extensive non-paid blogging and fiction writing experience.
Cost: $0.07/word, rounded up to the nearest 100 words.

Proofreading & copy editing: I've held positions that involved copy editing for the North of Boston Media Group and the Union Leader. I'm most familiar with AP style, and am capable of editing for Chicago and MLA as well.
Proofreading: $2/100 words,
minimum $10. Will negotiate discounts at above 5,000 words.
Copy editing: $5/100 words, minimum $10. Will negotiate discounts at above 10,000 words.

Illustration & graphic design: I'm skilled with Adobe Photoshop, and can produce illustrations and logos.
Cost: Varies based on complexity.
Illustration: $10 for black and white or simple color illustrations with reference photos. Starts at $20 for greater detail or complexity.

Typesetting: I'm very experienced with Adobe InDesign and in layout and typesetting for print. Self-publishing authors: I can make your book look professional!
Cost: Varies based on complexity.
Basic layout: $40, will take digital assets in .jpg and manuscript in .rtf, and arrange them for publication, providing the finished InDesign file and .pdf. Open to initial requests on font and layout choices.
Full service: Starting at $80, a collaborative process involving font selection, layout decisions accounting for theme and mood, recommendations on printing options, very basic proofreading (I'll fix what I catch while I'm working) and discounts on other services including illustration, graphic design, complete proofreading and a continuous discount on future audio or video work related to the project (for book trailers, audio edition, etc.).

Audio & video editing: I don't have professional recording equipment but I can make a reasonably professional end product out of a decent initial recording, and I can give guidance on how to get the best possible recording with the equipment you have available.
Cost: Varies based on complexity.
Audio: Starts at $20/10 minutes, rounded up to the nearest 10 minutes.
Video: Starts at $20/minute, rounded up to the nearest minute.

Here are some examples of my audio and video work:

  • The top left (first on mobile) is the pitch video for Solarpunk Press's initial Patreon launch, in August 2015.
  • The bottom left (second on mobile) is an interview with one of my professors from NECC, which was part of a TV production class run by Haverhill Community Media. The relevant section is from 11:34 to 19:03. 
  • The top right (third on mobile) is a music video I made with my friend Ash Lane and camera person Adam Pivacek, for the They Might Be Giants music video contest for their single "Erase." (We didn't win, but I'm still very proud of it.)
  • The bottom right (fourth on mobile) is the audio production of the first issue of Solarpunk Press, featuring the short story "Riley Marigold and the Winged Lizards of Tel Aviv" by Kayla Bashe.

All work is guaranteed by one week after request unless I say otherwise when I get the job. (Generally that applies to large jobs, but might apply to smaller works during busy periods, like finals, or if I get a lot of jobs at once.) Feel free to query about getting things done faster than that -- depending on my schedule, and how fast you need it, that might be the same cost, involve a rush charge, or be unavailable.

Hire Me form

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A detailed explanation of my pricing choices
Feel free to ignore this part

According to MIT's living wage calculator, the hourly living wage for 1 adult in Hampshire County, Massachusetts is $11.02. That's for 40 hours per week, every week. Freelance work is more unstable than standard employment, so to compensate for that instability, in order to have any hope of achieving sustainable self-employment, I have to charge more than $11.02 per hour. I'm also currently a full-time student; 4 classes per week takes up about 40 hours of time, between time spent in class and time spent on homework.

In light of these facts, I aim to set my prices to approximate $20 per hour. In order to be able to give you a clear idea of how much you'd be spending if you hire me, those rates are scaled to the speed at which I normally work. 

So, $0.07 per word is adjusted to my writing speed of about 300 words of copy per hour of work (including time spent researching, interviewing, and revising). Black and white or simply colored art based on provided reference photos tend to take around a half hour, and so cost $10. More complex art, or art rendered in greater detail, starts at $20.

The cost per unit gets lower as the project goes up in size, though, for a few reasons: lower frequency of starting and stopping, or adjusting to new work environments or relationships, means the work will start to go faster. Larger projects also intrinsically entail greater job security (albeit on a relatively minor scale), and so are worth doing for less money. 

This also applies to multifaceted jobs: if you want me to typeset your self-published novel, and decide you'd also like me to proofread it and add illustrations, that's going to be cheaper than it would be to hire me to proofread the book, then hire me for each illustration, then hire me to typeset it.

Ethical note

Fiction writers may be familiar with Yog's Law, "Money flows toward the writer." It's a great rule of thumb in terms of traditional publishing, and if you're thinking of sending me work with the intent to look for a traditional publisher, you probably shouldn't. Instead you ought to find an agent or editor who wants to represent or publish your work, and who will provide these services for free, intending to get their payment out of their cut of the work's proceeds. 

You should only hire me, or someone like me, if you're planning to self-publish, and you want your self-published work to come out looking professional. I can do the minimizing typos, obsessing over margin sizes, selecting and comparing fonts, and so on -- a big chunk of the work that you'd get from a publishing house. I can take a 400 page word doc from you and hand back a .PDF you can upload straight to Lulu. You won't have to worry about the hundred-odd things you might accidentally forget.

For example: I saw a self-published book once, when I worked in a bookstore, that ended up on our shelves because it had been purchased through our store online and then returned. Its cover art was stretched out so much that it came out pixelated, and there was no information at all on the spine of the book. Shelved, it was just a glossy black bar in between two books that had titles and author names. If somebody brought that book home and wanted to lend it to a friend, they might never find it on their bookshelf. I can promise that if you hire me to typeset your book, neither of those things will happen to you.