Yesterday post format problem and the presentation itself

I forgot that Youtube embeds don't support specific time starts anymore.  So, both of the embeds on yesterday's post start at the beginning of the video. Which is fine.  Just watch the video.  It's great.

(If you must know, the start times were 16m40s and 26m35s.)

The presentation ended up focusing way more than I expected on the Singularity itself, rather than the relationship between Hugh and his mother that was the interpersonal communication I was attempting to show off.  I guess I underestimated the degree to which the singularity is a shocking idea for people who've never heard of it before.  (I also didn't expect literally nobody in the room to have heard of the technological singularity.)

I didn't get to the Doctorow clip, which is fine.  For the final in Interpersonal Communications, we're watching the Importance of Being Earnest.