What this blog is, and what it could be

That title is way too dramatic for the content of this post, just to get that out of the way first. I've written a lot of stuff in the past few days. Really, I have. I've written for work, and I've worked on two short stories. I wrote two separate speeches for hypothetical futures, one of which was seven pages long. I'm not burnt out. I swear.

But I seriously can't think of stuff to blog about right now.

I mentioned on Tumblr a few days ago that I wished I had a camera. (It was because I wanted to take artsy pictures of my phone, but my only camera is on my phone so that wouldn't work. I got in a meta-fight with a friend about it, which culminated in the creation of a side-blog documenting the event, here.) Another one of the great things that could theoretically be true about having a camera is I could start learning to take pictures of stuff. Pictures are awesome web content! They fill up like 250 words of space, so a picture with a caption is basically like a whole post.

Or I could get a scanner, and start doing art that I can post in higher quality than photos-of-pages-with-cell-phone. That could be fun. Or I could get a nice laptop and photoshop and I could do digital art. I used to be kind of good at that.

My point is, I know that I am failing to create interesting content here, and I feel shitty about that. But it's not because I'm not doing anything. It's just that my random musings lately have been less in the publish-for-the-internet genre and more in the file-away-for-possible-future-I-told-you-so's genre.