We didn't win the video contest. :(

Earlier this year my friend Ash and I made a music video for They Might Be Giants's new single Erase, to enter into a contest. The winners were announced today, and we weren't among them. I'm a little sad that we didn't win, but I was aware that it was a possibility. And the winning videos are all really good! I'm not the least bit upset to have lost to them, if I had to lose at all, and I'm still really proud of the video regardless. And also here it is.

Erase by They Might Be Giants (Ash Lane & T.X. Watson) from T.X. Watson on Vimeo.

In at least one previous contest the finalists were also shared in a playlist, but that appears to have not happened this time, so I don't know how far our video made it.

The winners of the contest are below the fold.

They Might Be Giants - Erase - by Jordan Wippell (official TMBG contest winner)

They Might Be Giants - Erase - by Paul Guyet & Christina Bryant (official TMBG contest winner)

They Might Be Giants - Erase - by Victor Fitzsimons (official TMBG contest winner)