Wayward Pines is boring

I'm all caught up on Wayward Pines, because OnDemand is unnavigable and the backlog of episodes of The Daily Show is unacceptably small. So, like, spoilers.

Oh my god Wayward Pines is SO BORING. It's basically Lost: people are stranded in a strange place under strange circumstances and maybe there's magic or sinister government or something but basically things are BAD for REASONS.

I kept with it because I thought there was a chance they were going to come up with something really clever to tie together all the strangeness in the world. But -- and here come the spoilers -- the secret of Wayward Pines was revealed in the latest episode, and it sucks.

It turns out, it's 2000 years in the future, and everyone who got in car accidents and ended up in Wayward was actually, like, selected to be cryogenically frozen to preserve the human race against a future radical divergence. Wayward Pines is a replica 20th century suburb behind an electrified fence surrounded by a wilderness filled with a species of mutant subhuman super-predators.

And, by the same logic employed by the unplugged cast of the Matrix, only the children are told the truth: the adults, apparently, can't handle it, and being informed is guaranteed to trigger suicide.

Instead, all the adult citizens are coerced into participating in a paranoia-fueled Kafka-esque police state, turning on each other's attempts to escape in order to preserve their own chance at a dash for freedom later.

I'm so sick of apocalypse stories. I'm especially sick of apoclaypse stories where the only humans who get to keep living are the ones who immediately go full-scale totalitarian or are otherwise blatantly hostile to basic human rights and dignity.

I'm probably going to keep watching it, because whatever network is airing it is pushing it hardcore and I'm vaguely amused by the fact that I can keep up with a plot that's trying as hard as it can to be inscrutable while also fighting dragons in a video game. (Though, full disclosure, I lost that fight. Badly.) Also it looks like there might be time travel so maybe this is just the first of several nested OMG HUGE TWISTS. Plus, Game of Thrones is about to end. I have zero confidence that it's going to get better, though.