Watching Arrested Development one episode at a time?

I'm bouncing around on Kotaku, a site I don't often visit, because of their recent coverage of the Tropes vs Women episode 2 release and surrounding censorship attempts by dudes probably concerned that pointing out sexism is a form of censorship against their misogyny. And I started reading this article: Imagine If -- Bear With Me -- We Didn't Always Binge on Games and Shows.

Because apparently, despite the fact that it all came out at the same instant, the creator of Arrested Development doesn't want people to binge the show:

Here's Mitch Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development, in an interview with Wired:

I think of it more like writing a mini-series than something [for] binge watching… I think that people do sit down and watch it all at once. Personally, I think [that] will be very fatiguing and will lose some of the fun of being able to mull on it.

(I have no idea how nested block quotes will end up looking on this site.)

Patricia Hernandez, the writer, compares the experience to binging video games, which she has to do because she's a reviewer, and which a lot of people do because video games are their primary form of entertainment and sometimes you just don't feel like stopping -- especially since a lot of games are designed to reward players for going on and on for huge chunks of time, as opposed to stopping and taking breaks.

I'm watching Arrested Development in small chunks, because my schedule has been busy for the past few days, so I haven't had a good chunk of time to sit down for a binge -- and I'm trying to watch it with my partner, so there's the added complication of coordinating times we can both sit down, neither of us need to sleep, and we both feel like watching TV.

And I'm definitely noticing things that I might have missed if I had blown past it.  Maybe.  I'm not really sure.  Would I have noticed that Gob was acting really weird in the George Sr. episode after Buster freaked out, and that it was probably going to have some complicated and interesting resonance in both of their episodes?  (I can't remember what he did, but I watched the episode last night.)

I will report back about the quality of my viewing experience.