I'm having car trouble -- the back lights on my car don't work, so it's not safe to drive at night. You may be able to tell by the timestamp that it's 6:30 in the morning here -- right now, I'm sitting at home, waiting for the sun to rise enough that I can go to work. I would try and get some work done from home, but I left the notebook that contains all the notes I could use for home-work at the moment on my desk at work. I still feel very, very sick. I wish I could call out. I wish I lived in a country with a healthcare system that allowed me to easily go and see a doctor when I'm sick. I wish my ability to survive financially wasn't dependent on doing an adequate number of hours of work per week,[1. Note: I don't actually have access to the cultural status that allows me to survive financially given an adequate quantity of work; I'm permanently below that line, and working to mitigate the amount of harm that does me.] so that I could afford to take a lighter day or not work seven days a week. I wish I had better medicine, better food. I wish I got more sleep, on a better mattress. I wish I didn't wake up with back pain every time I sleep here.

I'm not going anywhere with this. I just want blogging to be done for the day/week.

Happy halloween.