Updates that are even more boring than yesterday's

For the second day in a row, as I have been getting ready for bed, I have remembered that the thing I did earlier today, when I wrote like 200 words on a complicated topic then saved the draft and closed it because I couldn't keep track of it just then, does not actually count as blogging, and so I still have a post to write. (Yesterday it was etiquette and thoughtfulness. Today it was the complexity of the idea of 'being yourself.')

So, stuff I did today. Involves zero finishing-interesting-media, so that's off the table. (Although yesterday's post was a list-of-things-that-are-cool-for-reasons-I-can't-say-because-spoilers so that wasn't very exciting.)

My laptop shipped! I am very excited about that. I have been checking the UPS Tracking page every hour to see if it has made it to my state yet. It should arrive by Thursday.

Classes start tomorrow. I've only got one class on Wednesdays, but I have it for three hours, because it's a science class and Wednesday is the lab day.

It probably won't be three hours. First days are basically just handing out the syllabus and asking whether we really need the book.

After school, I have two interviews for stories for work lined up in the afternoon. So, that's going to be lots of fun. (One of them's about the history of a library, so I'm p. excited about that.)

It's going to be a very busy week, but also a very boring week. I don't know what I can really do with that, blogging-wise. Any ideas?