Updates: Minecraft and Fiction

Today was a very busy day at work, then in the afternoon I had to go to my parents' house and clean some stuff up, so when I got home tonight I just wanted to relax and play video games. So I did that, and forgot that I still had to blog and work on my fiction. So! Today's post is going to be another update, in the vein of last Friday and Monday's posts.

Crash Landing : I am on attempt number eight

And I am happy to report that, as I recently found out, it's possible to build a cheap generator! I've been picking the easy mode since, I think, attempt number 4, and that mode comes with a sync-thingy -- for a kind of huge amount of power, it very slowly builds another copy of your avatar, so you get one extra life -- if you die you get shot back to the sync body.

In play-through eight, I have died once, of starvation and thirst. I was pretty close to a sustainable food system, so with the full thirst and hunger bars of the synced avatar, I was able to build up a store of supplies.

But then I was out of electricity, and couldn't build a new sync. So I figured I was pretty much screwed.

I did some googling, though, earlier, and I found a generator (the Extra Utilities Survivalist Generator) that generates power extremely slowly, but within my budget, and that I could afford to build. So now I just can't die twice within the same ten minutes or so, and I'll be fine.

Solarpunk short stories : I am on story number two, the one about fire

I knew pretty well what the plot of story one was going to be in this series. Number two, though, I am significantly more lost.

This is turning out to be a really good thing! Because my character is just wandering around the village (purposefully, but that's beside the point) so I get to describe, and thereby develop, all sorts of details about the place and other characters in it. Like -- there are a couple of girls in the lab who, using some kind of brass alloy and pattern generating systems, and a plasma cutter, they've made panels for the second-story catwalk that each have a unique floral pattern cut into them to minimize their weight, without substantially compromising their supportiveness.

I'm going to go work on that story now. 'Night.