Unmanageable minutiae

I wish that everybody were trustworthy. There's nothing going on in my personal life that's prompted this concern. Right now, I'm annoyed that I can't have totally, comprehensively integrated computer systems that managed to remind me of every little thing going on in my life, because (a.) like two thirds of my devices / apps can't talk to each other, because proprietary shit, and (b.) there's basically no way I could know whether any or all of the developers I might otherwise trust with that amount of info and access are safe to trust with that amount of info and access, and the people with the resources and motive to put something like that together are overwhelmingly less likely to be trustworthy, and the trustworthy people who might do it are overwhelmingly likely to be bought out by untrustworthy people specifically because they can exploit the access that I will by that point be reliant on.