Tropes vs Women 2 is out!

The second episode of Anita Sarkeesian's excellent series, Tropes vs Women in Video Games, came out today.  It continues to cover the Damsel in Distress -- the first episode was on the origins of the Damsel in Distress in video game history, this one covers the more recent manifestations of the game, making it very clear that, like most sexist things, the Damsel in Distress has not totally gone away in the last ten years.

Sarkeesian faced serious, way-over-the-line attacks from very angry gamers who are furious that anyone would dare call them out on decades of intensely sexist bullshit, when she first opened up her kickstarter to fund the Tropes vs. Women series.  Apparently, they haven't run out of steam yet -- shortly after the video went up (this happened today) a mass of fraudulent reports for terms of service violations.  The video was taken down, but Sarkeesian appealed the ban, and it's back up now.  Kotaku covered it.