Trans magic

In the story I'm currently working on, magic is a cultural force -- that is, fields of magical ability grow out of specific cultures and subcultures. I'm doing it this way for two reasons: One, because it's an alternate-present real-world setting, and this way magic can't be an organized, industrialized, capitalized system, so it break the implicit world building of just having most of the real world intact; and two, because this way the use of magical abilities or magic-species things as a metaphor for representation can't ever be done without having actual, real-life representation. So, my protagonist (a trans woman) just met one of the 'earth children' (name possibly to be changed later) -- a subculture of teenage nonbinary people, who mostly know each other through the internet, and who are mostly homeless, having been kicked out of their homes when their magical status became undeniably evident. The earth children, around when they would normally have gone through puberty, grew and matured in a more-or-less androgynous way, and acquired earth or plant-like characteristics.

The earth child my protag, Zooey, met is called Hollyseed, and sie grows a fine, dark, long grass instead of hair. Other earth children I have in mind are a kid with patches of bark on zir arms and chest, a kid with stone-like skin, and a kid with soft bioluminescence.

There are, or are going to be, other kinds of trans, queer, LGBTQIAP+ and MOGAI magics, but apart from the earth children all I've come up with so far is strong disguise magic for kids staying in the closet. Anybody got any other ideas?