So -- I didn't know about Oragel. This seems like a pretty massive oversight to me, because I've had an increasingly painful toothache for like three years now. Okay, to be honest, I did know that Oragel was something that existed, that was used in connection with tooth pain. I did not know that it was a paste that did the exact same thing as those novacaine injections dentists use, except without the needle or copay.

I don't know whether it's good or bad that I know about Oragel now, because my teeth have reached a point of such extraordinary pain that, when they hurt, that's what I'm doing. Just experiencing hurt. Suffering. And if I didn't have Oragel, I would have no choice but to schedule and attend a dentist appointment, before I got on with anything else in my life. 

Instead, now, it's two days since the worst of the pain started, and I've only googled "dentists near [my home town]," and I didn't pick one because they each only have one review.

I swear, I won't let the luxury of pain relief stop me from getting the medical attention I've needed for years.  I will schedule an appointment by Friday.